The Fast Track: Asking Yes And No Questions To Generate Income



Asking Yes And No Questions To Make Consistent Commissions Online.




You might have come across this course and wondered what it might entail and if it is for you. In this review, I will try my very best to answer all of your questions and to be transparent as much as possible to aid in your decision.

The Fast Track system is founded by Merlin Holmes. After 15 years of running various internet businesses, Merlin decided it was time to share some of his $150,000,000 in knowledge with the World and The Fast Tracks was born.

Located in beautiful Colorado, this system is for anyone and everyone to come and learn the skills to start and scale simple, yet highly profitable online businesses using the skills Merlin teaches. Merlin shares his stories and how he started affiliate marketing and especially email marketing. Despite the rise in popularity of social media and other messaging platforms, research demonstrates that email is still the most effective way to communicate with people. It still outperforms other channels. The number of email users is expected to increase. About 309.6 billion emails per day were sent and received in 2021. This amount is projected to rise to 333.2 billion in 2022[.]


What exactly is email marketing?


Email marketing is the practice of promoting goods and services via email while cultivating connections with future customers and clients. In essence, it is direct mail that is sent electronically rather than via mail carrier.


You can use email marketing as a powerful tool to expand your company. Building an effective email list is the first step in the process since it helps you to generate leads that can be nurtured via the sales funnel. And this is where creating and sending effective email marketing comes into play. From there, you may target a certain audience at any given time, with a few simple segments. keeping them interested and want more.


Email marketing is a very affordable technique to begin with and is not a challenging activity to carry out. Additionally, it may aid in raising brand awareness and boosting website traffic.


The fast tracks system teaches you how to obtain these leads just by asking various curious questions. We will further discuss this later on in the review.


What does this course entail?

The course is divided into 6 modules which he describes as a 6-week training program. There is a bonus workshop included so it’s safe to say it is 6.5 modules. I will give a brief summary of these modules in this review.


Module 1

This module consists of 9 lessons and is basically the welcome module. This way merlin gets your mindset in the right place get and describes what are your possible earning potential. This module also describes how to navigate the course and to reach them if you have additional questions or if you encounter any difficulty along the way. Merlin also teaches you how to set up your Clickbank account.  This is the affiliate network he will be using, to generate those leads and commissions. An affiliate network is a platform that allows you to sell goods and services on their behalf and you are paid a commission on the product that was sold.  Merlin leaves no stones unturned when breaking down this module and what to expect. Further down in this module he shares a way how you can start filling up your bank account with a special product.



Module 2

Module 2 consists of 10 lessons. Merlin explains why Clickbank is so good and why digital marketing is so advantageous. This module really gets the ball rolling as you will learn how to create your first poll, and how to set up some of the tools that you will be using example Clickfunnels. I have an alternative to using Clickfunnels and you can find it here. As you navigate through this module, you will complete the tasks of setting up your first Clickfunnels poll. This is how you will learn how to use curious questions as lead magnets to capture those leads that will continue to give you consistent sales. When creating your funnels, Merlin will also walk you through implementing a custom domain with your clickfunnels account. He will further explain what is a custom domain and why it boosts your conversion rate significantly. There is a really important tool that you will get with the Fast Tracks, it is called the poll management tool and as you use this tool, you will see its vast importance of it.


Module 3.

Similarly, to the previous module, this one consists of 10 lessons also. This module strongly focuses on emails. Firstly, you will be required to get a business email account. Don’t be worried, Merlin does a good job in assisting you with this. He explains why a normal email service provider like Gmail and yahoo might not be a viable option. After obtaining your business email account, you will then be required to connect to your autoresponder. Merlin recommends that you will use Sendlane but I will be totally transparent here, starting out, Sendlane will be a bit expensive and they only give you a 2 weeks free trial. I will recommend you use GetResponse in this case. This autoresponder gives you a 30-day free trial and the basic package is only $19.99 a month while Sendlane runs you around $83. I will say though, that Sendlane’s interface is so much better, and setting up your email automation flows more smoothly. In this module you will be introduced to email automation and you will see how easy it is to automate your business. Even though Sendlane has a better email automation interface in my books, I would still recommend GetResponse because of the price, remember you are just starting and you might be on a budget. Every dime you can save will be essential because you will need that in advertising.


Module 4

This is one of the shorter modules and consists only of 5 lessons. Even though this module is very short, it is still packed with some useful gems. These gems are one of the most important aspect of your business and that is offers. This includes what offers are most profitable, how to find said offers, what to look for in an offer, and finally being paid the most possible money from these offers.


Module 5

Ever heard about the term traffic in affiliate marketing? Yes, this module solely focuses on traffic. This is one of the vital backbones of any campaign because without people seeing your offer, there is no way you will be getting paid. This module consists of 12 lessons. You will be covering native ads in particular. A really great traffic source I might add. Merlin will go over various traffic sources with you and show the basics of using each but he will be focusing mainly on native ads.  Native ads are generally cheaper and that’s why Merlin recommends this traffic source.


Module 5.5

Remember I told you that there was a bonus module? Yes, this is that module. It is called the Traffic Optimization Workshop. Matt, covers this section and he does a great job in doing it. As the name suggests, it’s a way to make your polls better and to generate more leads. In total, you will cover 9 lessons. These include:

1.     Poll vision and the garden hose

2.     The phantom of the offer

3.     Adding impact to ads

4.     Polls that pull

5.     Loading reloaded

6.     The check is in the email

      Module 6

This is the final module and basically Merlin shows how you can leverage your email list.  This is where you can monetize your list by allowing other persons to use it.  A very advance strategy covered which is called email segmentation. In summary Merlin gives away a free business model in it self regarding just your email list in this module. This coupled with your first business plan of marketing amazing offers, will indeed allow you to see huge returns.




Do I Recommend The Fast Tracks?

I want to be 100% transparent here and first we have to weigh the pros and cons. I will start with the pros.

1.   Course is easy to navigate

2.   Response time on support is one of the best I have come across

3.   Generating leads with the Fast Tracks is very easy

4.   A curious question can be generated for every offer you have an interest in hence, the versality of this system.

5.   NO UPSELLS. It’s a one-time fee and that’s it.  

6.   A beginner-friendly way to actually start your first online business. The cons, you will never find a system that is 100% perfect and that is why I am being fully transparent here. Let's get into the cons.


1.   The price, the Fast Tracks course is for $997

2.   You will definitely need a budget doing this because you will need a send lane and Clickfunnels account.

3.   The poll management tool only works with Clickbank products but there is away around     this and it is figured out easily as you use it.


That’s all the cons I have with this course and as you can see they are not many. The number one problem I had was the cost because when I started adding up the Clickfunnel and Sendlane subscription fees, my pocket was starting to feel it. However, I have mentioned cheaper alternatives in this review.  So in conclusion I will strongly recommend this course because of the unlimited potential you have in generating leads by just asking curious questions. I have recently seen Clickbank sending out broadcast emails stating that funnels that have survey-type questions are doing super well and the polls Merlin shows you to create is similar in nature.

Here is an example of one of those polls I have created with a cheaper alternative to click funnels.

Illustrations here:


If you are interested in the Fast Tracks, you can pick it up here at no extra cost. Hope you are doing well and thanks for taking the time to check out my review. Please take some time to browse through the blog because it has a ton of information on affiliate marketing. 

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