The ALL In One 25 Dollar Digital Business Review. Legit or A Scam?

We all want to start a profitable online business but normally we do not know where to start. That is a common problem with a lot of entrepreneurs today which is understandable. In this article, we are going to cover what is the All In One Digital Business, The persons behind the project, and why is it recommended.


What is the All In One 25 Dollar Digital Business?

We can’t speak about the 25-Dollar Digital Business without talking about the Home Business Academy (HBA). This academy was started by Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchinson.  

These two have been in the affiliate marketing game for years and have a huge plethora of knowledge to share. They host various zoom calls where they take questions and are eager to help with any roadblocks that you might stumble upon. Paul especially is always blooming with energy and provides that welcoming environment that makes you eager to learn. When you start your journey, you are immediately recommended to get plug into the Facebook group where like-minded individuals are located and are willing to help you with any challenges you face. This group also consists of super affiliates that 6 figure earners so getting any tips from these individuals is a huge advantage in my books. The Home Business Academy also donates some of its profits to the Feed My Starving Children Foundation (FMSC). To this day, they have provided 132,868 days of meals to this foundation.


Now we have gotten a little bit about the creators out of the way, let’s talk about the All In One 25 Dollar business. As the name suggests, it requires 25 dollars to run this business. This is a subscription-based payment that is billed monthly. When you sign up for the All In One 25 Dollar business, you get a Funnel builder. What is a funnel builder you might ask?

Firstly, A funnel is a series of steps that a person takes to become aware of a company, from purchasing a product or service from the company.

Companies need a goal-achieving process to warm their audience to buy something. Not everyone who visits a website is ready to buy something right away, and some are unaware that they need some help[.]

So, a funnel builder is a tool that allows you to create these funnels.

A simple illustration of a sales funnel:

The figure above shows a simple depiction of a sales funnel.

This funnel builder is unique in its own way where it is by far one of the cheapest ones you can get and this thing operates similar to those expensive ones such as Clickfunnels, Kartra, and builder all, of which will run you around 90 dollars plus just for the entry-level.

This funnel builder is beginner-friendly and these guys provide extensive training on how to use this funnel builder which in turn can generate more sales and leads for your online business. The funnel builder has a broad spectrum of done-for-you templates to choose from, such as check-out templates (if you want to sell your own product), membership templates, booking widgets, etc. This is available just for 25 dollars a month. I gotta say I have used click funnels and that 97 dollars per month were hitting my budget hard. Another cool feature of this funnel builder is that the pages load super-fast. No lags and no long waiting for your pages to load and this in turn can help you create your funnels super-fast.

With any funnel builder, it is essential for the tool to capture leads and integrate with some autoresponder. An auto-responder is just a script or service that replies to emails. This funnel builder integrates with GetResponse. Since this article is not about GetResponse, I won’t spend too much time explaining that service. if you want to know about this service you can check my page for an article on that affiliate marketing tool service under the affiliate marketing tools menu. Follow-up emails increase your conversion rate by 30%, so it’s always good to try and capture some emails in any campaign that you run. Remember earlier I had explained that buyers don’t buy on the first sight of seeing the product, hence follow-up emails are used to further persuade your lead why they need the product.  The funnel builder is great and all but what else does the Home Base Academy provide?

1. The Funnel Builder Training

This is where the bulk of the work will be located to get you proficient enough to create your own funnels and get everything to coalesce.

Setting up your funnel builder includes:

-Setting up a custom domain

This is where you will learn how to set up your custom domain and the importance of having your own domain.

-Tips in choosing a domain

Having a unique domain name helps people to easily identify what your business is about and helps to improve your email delivery rate.

-Setting up your business email on your domain

You are going to need a business email address as personal email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are not recommended. This is because we are going to email a lot of contacts and those other services are quick to send your email to spam. They provide the services where you can get your domain. I would STRONGLY recommend you get your domain from their hosting website. With this decision, you will be saving a lot of cash because hosting sites such as go daddy charge you monthly for using your private email. The other popular hosting website is Namecheap. This is cheaper than go daddy but you have to get your private email separately and pay for it yearly. The HBA hosting gives you a domain name and private email for 12.99 yearly. I am definitely going to switch once my plan expires within a year on Namecheap.

-Integrating your funnel builder with an auto responder.

For now, Getresponse is the only Auto-responder that this funnel builder integrates with. The process is very simple and Mike provides detailed training to complete this task.


-How to create funnel pages

Mike does an excellent job where he walks you through how to set up your various funnel pages. He breaks down types of lead magnets, these are item or services that draws a customer to your offer[.] They can range from a success story or something free I value that can benefit the customer and in exchange, you can acquire their contact information such as their email address.


-How to sell your own products

The HBA is not all about a funnel builder, it’s a complete system that teaches you how to set up your own business. This section includes how to create your product whether it may be digital, physical etc. Mike also explains how to integrate your payment page that is linked to any product that you are selling.

-Getresponse Email tips

To close a successful deal, you need people to continue to reads and open your emails. Simple tricks and tips are thought here to increase the open rate of your emails and such can close a deal much more successfully.

2.HBA premium (Traffic and conversions)

This section is for premium members and this cost an extra 100 dollars a month. Mike and Paul give you an option to try premium for 2 weeks and you can cancel before the two weeks have passed. I strongly suggest that you take this trial because this section consists of valuable points that can aid in your business being more successful.

As the name suggests, it is in-depth training in getting traffic to your offers. This section is covered by both Paul and Mike. They explain the mistakes they have made and also teach you to avoid those common mistakes.  If you start this business and you are running low on budget, there is a traffic method for you. Some of the traffic methods include:

Free advertisement on Facebook

Free advertisement on YouTube using its ranking system. I have a section that helps with YouTube SEO.

These are just some of the methods they teach in this section.      

If you grab the two weeks of premium, I suggest you go through all this training and join the two mastermind zoom calls that will be provided.




It is a no-brainer that I am going to recommend that you grab this ALL In One 25 Dollar Business. Let’s briefly talk about what you get just for 25dollars:

1. You get an awesome funnel builder tool that is far cheaper than the likes of Clickfunnels, Kartra, and Builder all just to name a few.

2. You are paid an 80% commission if you refer this tool to somebody else. Most affiliate networks do not pay their affiliate an 80% commission and the HBA is one of the few that does.

3. Detailed training in starting your own business and selling your online products.

4. Detailed training about traffic, lead generation, and also to close these deals.

5. A warm welcoming Facebook community of like-minded super affiliates that make it their responsibility to see you succeed in all your endeavors.

6. Two very experienced individuals in Mike and Paul that are well versatile in the online marketing space.

7. for an added bonus you will become a part of the community that assists in the FMSC foundation.

This is your step forward in starting your online business for little as 25 dollars a month. This is by far one of the cheapest methods I have seen that can steadily overtime pay you at least 3,000 dollars a month. This is no joke because I personally have seen some affiliates be paid 10,000 thousand dollars a month implementing this business module. With all the teachings you will get, if you only refer 2 persons, you will already be in profit monthly. Let me be transparent as possible, you are going to need more than 25 dollars a month because remember you are going to include your domain and autoresponder fees which are 12.99 and 15.56 dollars respectively. GetResponse bills you monthly while your hosting service bills you yearly. When all is said and done, the math still looks pretty awesome to me.

There is no such thing as a perfect product. The only con I have noticed with this product is that it can't add video files to its pages. I did notice that the creators of this product mentioned that they are working on a fix for this. If you are interested in starting a profitable online business and also grabbing an awesome funnel builder, the All In One Business is a steal right now. Grab it here. Thanks for taking the time to check out my analysis of The All In One 25 Dollar Business and do take the time to check out my other posts on my blog. Have a lovely day.


“I think there’s two ways to make money online. One way is by selling other people’s stuff, the other way is by selling your stuff.” – Jeffrey Walker



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